The Bitcoin
Halloween Celebration

october 20th & 21st
Charlotte, NC
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HODLween is the longest running Bitcoin Halloween Celebration brought to you by Bitcoin Charlotte. HODLween is for those who have done the seemingly simple task of hodling bitcoin over the years. These people have resisted the urge to sell for gains in dollars because they understand that holding bitcoin is the most sure way to preserve our wealth, freedom and self sovereignty through generations.

HODLween also serves as a gateway to introduce bitcoin to friends and family in a playful and social way.

HODLween features three main events, The Cattleman's Feast, HODLween Market, and a HODLween Costume Party. Satellite skeleton events will be held during the week and weekend.

HODLween is not a Web3, NFT, crypto, blockchain, or altcoin event. HODLween celebrates Bitcoin and bitcoiners ONLY!

NO! HODLween is designed for beginners and hodlers alike. If you are brand new to bitcoin, expect to learn a lot about the culture - we have plenty of fun memes for you to catch up on!

Bitcoin Charlotte is a local Bitcoin community founded in 2013. With 2000+ members and growing, Bitcoin Charlotte hosts in-person socials, networking events and workshops to educate the community about all things Bitcoin. Our mission is to spread knowledge to liberate individuals and businesses from financial dependence on banks and governments by leveraging the most superior money in history - Bitcoin.

By buying a HODLween ticket! HODLween is our largest event and each ticket purchase helps us raise awareness about Bitcoin through our events and intitiaves throughout the year. If you can not attend HODLween, please consider joining the Pleb Army and donating here.

Skeleton (or satellite) events are unofficial HODLween events hosted by members of the bitcoin community. These events are a great addition to the HODLween week experience, so check them out!

Cattleman's Feast

Hosted by the Beef Initiative, this event offers a farm-to-table meat-based dinner where attendees can indulge in delicious food sourced locally. Alongside the meal, there will be opportunities for socializing, enjoying music, and participating in a pumpkin carving competition. Texas Slim will speak on the importance of food sovereignty and decentralization and you will learn how to become a modern day cattleman!

All carving tools will be provided. We will likely have extra pumpkins for purchase but just in case BYOP! Most people think they don't want to carve pumpkins until you see everyone else doing them. It's therapeutic, fun and gets the creative juices flowing! Check out the homepage to see some of the entries from previous years.

In the spirit of Halloween, we STRONGLY encourage you to wear your best Cowboy/Cowgirl outfit. YEEHAW!

The feast will be at Jackalope Jack's located at 1801 Commonwealth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205 on Friday, Oct 20th.

Parking is limited and Uber/Lyft/broom flying/teleportation are recommended. However, there is parking located at the venue and surrounding area. Arrive early to secure a spot!

HODLween Market

The HODLween Market is a unique event that combines the spirit of Halloween with the world of Bitcoin. It provides a platform for a diverse range of vendors to display and sell their products for bitcoin and other payments, adding an innovative twist to the traditional market experience. Attendees can immerse themselves in a captivating array of offerings, from indulging in delectable Peruvian hot sauce and savoring Colombian coffee, to enjoying rejuvenating Thai massages and perusing captivating art. The event also promises a touch of Halloween magic, with vendors specializing in special effects makeup to help attendees prepare for the HODLween party later that evening. Beyond the market stalls, guests can also exchange bitcoin for beer, revel in live music, and connect with the local community. Additionally, the event encourages an open dialogue about bitcoin, offering attendees the opportunity to ask questions and deepen their understanding of this intriguing digital currency. With an eclectic mix of offerings including a eclectic thrift shop, the HODLween Market promises an unforgettable experience for all who dare to attend.

Yes! Donations are also welcomed.

The meetup is taking place at the Southern Strain Brewery Plaza in Midwood, specifically located at 1800 Central Ave A1, Charlotte, NC 28205. The event is scheduled to run from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

For parking near Southern Strain Brewery in Plaza Midwood, consider these options:

  1. Brewery Lot: Convenient, but fills up quickly.
  2. Street Parking: Look for metered or free spaces along Central Ave and nearby streets.
  3. Public Lots/Garages: Try "The Pecan" or "Park at Greenway."
  4. Ride-Sharing: Use Uber or Lyft for easy drop-off and pick-up.
  5. Walk/Bike: If possible, consider these eco-friendly options.

Remember to follow parking rules and be patient, especially during busy times. Enjoy your visit!

HODLween Costume Party

This party is open to everyone over 21 years old! While it might be sponsored by Bitcoin Charlotte, this is simply a fun bitcoin-themed Halloween party in the Queen City. Bring your friends!

Yes! This is the event you do not want to miss. No expense is spared and the costumes are fantastic! The HODLween party includes live music, magic performances, and hidden bitcoin in a venue with five unique rooms including a massive dance floor, tarot reading, hidden speakeasy, and a private karaoke room. Prepare your best costume for the costume contest, and get ready to revel in disguise! See the homepage pictures to get an idea of the previous years guests and vibe.

Costumes are STRONGLY encouraged! Get spooky, weird, sparkly, whatever your heart desires! Guests in costumes will have the chance to win cash prizes. Contestants will receive a costume ID number when entering the party. Each guest will then have the ability to vote on their favorite costumes via QR code by entering the accompanying costume number. The categories are $200 for Best Satoshi Nakamoto", $200 for "Best couple/group", and $100 for "Most creative". We can't wait to see what you come up with!

The party will be at The Hamilton event space located at The Hamilton Event Spaces in the music factory on Saturday, October 21st from 8PM to 2AM.

Parking is limited and Uber/Lyft/scooter/broom flying/teleportation are recommended. But seriously, if you must drive, parking is located at the deck across the street. A parking code will be provided closer to the event.

More questions? Contact us at or 704-996-3749.